4 Vital Factors to Consider Before Taking Admission in A Private Engineering College

Engineering is a hot study and career option in India, which is embraced by several hundred thousands of students in the country every year. There are many different branches of engineering such as Computer Science, Electrical, Electronics & Communication, Mechanical, Civil, etc., out of which the students choose their preferred branch for admission into B. Tech.

The competition for admission into the top-notch engineering institutions of the country, namely the IITs and NITs is the toughest, owing to the limited number of seats and very large number of applications. Only a handful of fortunate students, who belong to the meritorious category, manage to obtain a seat in these elite institutions. The majority of B. Tech students get admission in the private engineering colleges across the country. So, to take admission into any one of these colleges, whether the B Tech colleges in Gurgaon  or Delhi, you need to make sure that the college is good for pursuing an engineering degree. The quality of a private engineering college can be assessed by considering the following four factors:

  1. Faculty: The quality of education in a B. Tech college or university could be best ascertained by keeping in view the faculty. You should make sure that the faculty members are learned, having a Ph.D. degree in their subject. They should also have certain publications such as books and journals in their name. Moreover, there should be adequate number of full-time lecturers to maintain the student-teacher ratio.
  2. Infrastructure & Facilities: The infrastructure of a good engineering institution must be state-of-the-art and it should comprise spacious classrooms, auditoriums, seminar halls, activity rooms, labs, libraries, sports complex, cafeteria, accommodation, medical rooms, etc. There should also be facilities such as pure drinking water, sanitized toilets, clean areas, free WiFi, transportation, and proper security arrangements, among others. Best infrastructure and amenities facilitate the delivery of best education.
  3. Placements: A good placement record of a B. Tech institution indicates good education. You may check for overall rates as well as placement percentage for specific branches, most importantly in your preferred branch. Also, see the quality of placements as to where the alumni are placed; in which industries and what positions.
  4. Rankings: B. Tech college rankings provide a convenient way of assessing the overall quality of an engineering institution as they take into consideration several important factors such as recognition & accreditation, curriculum, faculty, graduation rate, campus life, finances, location, safety & security, and various resources. But for such ranking to be effective, it must come from a credible source. The engineering college rankings by MHRD and India Today group could be relied upon.

Whether you want to do B. Tech in Gurgaon or Delhi, do consider the above four vital factors to choose the right college for admission. Amity University Gurgaon is an institution that fares well on the above four factors.


Some Funny Facts About Engineering College Life in India

Engineering or B. Tech is arguably the most popular graduate course in India. More and more students apply for admission into various engineering colleges in India every year. Whether you see a  B.Tech college in Delhi and NCR   or somewhere else, the picture is almost the same; the vogue for engineering is pervasive in India.

You might have heard about many serious things and discussions about B. Tech or engineering. But to provide you a different taste, we have come up with some funny facts about engineering college life in India. Hope you will enjoy them! So, let’s begin:


  • Haryana is usually is news for its imbalanced sex ratio, but the sex ratio in your B. Tech college is even worse than this Indian state.


  • There is an exam every other day. Sometimes it seems that you have more exams than the days in a calendar year.


  • The word Back assumes a different meaning in your college life. While at the time of admission you look for a back (source), during your studies you fear it as it signifies failing an exam.


  • You learn some important social skills such as lobbying with lab assistants, pleading to teachers for better grades, and obeying seniors. You have christened them “funny names,” which you use to refer to them behind their back.


  • Every branch of B. Tech has almost similar lab, but nobody knows what to do there; not even the faculty.


  • You hone your chit making skills during exams; during exams you and your buddies demonstrate good example of teamwork, especially in the examination hall.


  • Exam is a team play, the slogan of the team is: “United we stand, divided we fall”.


  • Your project getting accepted at one go feels like receiving a lifetime achievement award.


  • Being an engineering student, you have a girlfriend who lives in a different nation: Imagination.


  • Your reading skills grow exponentially a night before the exam. While you cannot manage to read 50 pages in a day, you finish reading a 500 pages book in just about 2 to 3 hours in the night before exam.


  • You virtually pray to your 330 million gods on the result day for a favorable outcome.


  • Getting selected in your desired company during campus recruitment feels like winning a jackpot when you expect it the least.


  • Lastly, after the completion of your course, the four-year period in the engineering college which seemed to be a hell, suddenly start to appear like heaven that you miss the most.

The above light hearted facts are compiled for entertainment purpose only and we do not intend to ridicule or offend any person, institution, group or entity.

Truly speaking, engineering colleges, whether they are B. Tech Architecture Colleges in Delhi or any other engineering colleges in the country are fabulous places for learning and development; the good colleges are verily life making centers for the students and valuable assets to the nation.




Some Interesting Facts About Engineering in India

Engineering is one of the most preferred study and career choices in India in the present times. Whether you check the  best B Tech College in Gurgaon   or Delhi, the total number of applicants is always significantly more than the total seats available. The reason behind this popularity of B. Tech courses is the advances in the field of science and technology in India and research going on in many areas to develop innovative technologies for future. This scenario has resulted in numerous job vacancies in different sectors for engineers belonging to various branches. The salary package offered in some branches such as computer science, mechanical, electrical, and civil are really impressive for the right candidates.

India has one of the world’s best engineering colleges. Whether we talk about the government or private colleges, there are many reputable B. Tech colleges in both sectors that attract thousands of students from around the country. There are some B. Tech courses which are more popular in India than others such as Computer Science, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, etc. Whether you collect data about the best B Tech courses in Haryana or elsewhere, you will notice similar trend.

Do you know that there are several other interesting facts related to engineering in India? Let’s discuss.

  • Every year over a million students appear for the JEE Main exam, which is a national level engineering entrance exam. This total is greater than the combined students who appear for GMAT and GRE exams across the world.
  • In India, as many as 1.5 million engineers are released into the job market every year. In other words, India produces more engineers annually than twice the population of Iceland. Also, this is greater than the total number of engineers produced annually by the United States and China, combined.
  • The engineering coaching industry in India is a big industry, worth several million dollars. You would be surprised to know that this industry makes more money every year than the Bollywood!
  • Silicon Valley is the hub of world’s greatest IT and technology companies. Nearly 16% of startups in the Silicon Valley have an Indian co-founder, who is of course an engineering graduate by education. This share is the highest for an immigrant country. It is even higher than the share of China, Taiwan, Japan, and Britain, combined.
  • Data of the HRD Ministry, Government of India, suggests that over 70% of engineering graduates in India are unemployable. They lack the core skills and adequate knowledge required for an engineering job. The majority of B. Tech graduates in India are working in career fields which have little to no connection with engineering of any kind.
  • More than 50% of the Indian B. Tech students pursue engineering studies not out of a genuine interest and passion for the field, but due to pressure from their parents or because they don’t have clarity on what other options are available to them.
  • If engineering was a religion in India, it would become the fifth most popular one with a large number of followers.
  • In India, an engineer to a lay man is somebody who could fix almost any and every kind of home appliance.
  • India has engineering colleges with their own private airport and beach. The renowned IIT Kanpur has its own private airport, used by the students belonging to the Department of Aerospace Engineering in the institute. Then, there is NIT Karnataka, which has its own private beach with a lighthouse; students and teachers often enjoy the sunset on the beach together.

It is clear from the above facts that there are both positive and negative aspects associated with engineering in India, but then, there are positives and negatives associated with other fields as well. No doubt, engineering is a challenging and rewarding career field that provides a host of big opportunities to the deserving aspirants.



Qualified Engineers are Highly in Demand

Despite the grim economic scenario and bleak employment statistics, you would be surprised to know that there is no dearth of job opportunities for qualified job seekers who possess the right amount of experience, skill and knowledge about their chosen profession.  You are more likely to find the going easy in the job market if you have a degree in science, maths, technology and engineering (collectively referred to as STEM).  This phenomenon is naturally to be expected when countries and corporations around the world are placing added importance on gaining competitive advantage and boost up their economy by acquiring competency in the field of science and technology.

STEM along with that of few other traditional courses of study like finance, medical and management are known for healthy return on investment and a financially rewarding and mentally satisfying career.  Even amidst all these prestigious and high-paying profession, engineering stands out for its sheer capability of adding value and substance to a person’s career. Qualified engineers are highly in demand not only in India but around the world as a whole.  A degree in engineering from best engineering institutes in Gurgaon or for that matter top of the line engineering colleges anywhere else in India can propel your career in the right direction.

Top of the line engineering schools known for developing competent and confident engineering graduate enjoy enhanced respectability and brand value in the marketplace. These best in class engineering institutes offer leading-edge engineering education with their state of the art infrastructure and their top of the line academic environment. They have world class faculty who have extensive experience in both industry and academia.  Close faculty student interaction encouraged and supported by these top level engineering colleges aids in development of new ideas and promotes lasting knowledge in the discipline.

Best engineering colleges in Gurgaon   or anywhere else in India have the infrastructure and the facilities to provide a world class academic environment that can polish the rough edges and make you a professional with the capability to refine the effectiveness of processes and resources.

Good Engineering Schools have Good Infrastructure

Engineering is a highly lucrative career option.  Special emphasis on technological excellence and its importance in creating a knowledge-based economy has made qualified engineers a prized asset in the marketplace. A B. Tech degree in any stream from a well-established engineering institute can quickly catapult your carer to newer heights.  Reputable engineering colleges offer an academic environment that facilitates quick learning about the latest techniques and trends in the field of your choice. They have the infrastructure and the faculty to equip you with skills and knowledge which can help you succeed in complex engineering positions.

However, it is important to understand in the very beginning that becoming a good engineer is harder than what it initially seems. First and foremost in order to study in top rated  btech colleges in Delhi or for that matter top rated colleges everywhere, you need to have a good academic record and do exceptionally well in various popular engineering competitive entrance examinations. Do not make the mistake of thinking that your job is done if you manage to fulfil the above mentioned two criteria.  Doing well in entrance test means that the offer starts rolling in as soon as the result is out.

A deluge of offers from dozens of engineering institutes spread across the length and breadth of the country can confuse the daylights out of any aspiring engineer. It becomes pretty difficult to determine which institute you should prefer and what would be the effect (both long and short term) of selecting one institute over another.  One good way of determining the true worth of an institute is to look at its overall infrastructure.

This is of paramount importance as the infrastructure of the college or institute is a significant determinant of the quality of that particular institute. Top rated B.Tech colleges in Haryana or well-established B. Tech colleges anywhere else are most likely to have an imposing infrastructure. However, you are advised against judging an institute solely by its outer façade. If possible, please visit the college campus personally and ensure that it has well-maintained classrooms, well-equipped modern labs, sophisticated research facilities, state of the art workshops, etc.


Good Engineering Schools Mean Better Career Opportunities

A degree in engineering from top engineering colleges in Delhi NCR or for that matter anywhere in India is a good guarantor of social acceptance, high financial rewards, top class job satisfaction and sound career progressions. Engineering in fact has always been a prestigious career option not only in India but across the world as well. Special emphasis by different governments across the globe and large corporations to move ahead in the technology race has added further lustre to an engineering profession. Engineers with their logical thinking capabilities and devising out of box solutions are prised assets who can help governments create knowledge based economy and organizations gain competitive advantage in the marketplace.

The key word when referring to engineering schools are ‘top’ and ‘good’ and not without some sound reason. Getting your engineering degree from an inferior institute is going to do nothing or little to advance your cause.  You may get an engineering degree at the end of four or five years but it is unlikely to help you get noticed by reputable employers with deep pockets.

Experts as such usually recommend that you carry out some prior research about the  engineering college in Delhi NCR and how closely it can fill your career aspirations.  Do not take a hasty decision based solely upon the ads blitzkrieg carried out by some engineering institute where they are often found tooting their own horn full throttle. You need to personally visit the campus to see if the institute offers a caring and nurturing academic environment for you to prosper both personally and professionally.

Best Engineering Programs in India

Seeing the large number of candidates applying for engineering programs proves that it is the most preferred course candidates take up after school in India. Most common few questions that every engineering aspirant asks are – which is the best engineering college, what is the percentage of placement from colleges, which branch is best for career building? Going by the demand in the industries, no branch is a hopeless branch in engineering. Every branch has a great future. All that is needed is candidates should enjoy the subject he got enrolled to and attains good skills and knowledge to meet the industry standards. One should not get enrolled to a branch that is of no interest even if it promises fat package.

All said and done, selecting an engineering program is difficult looking at the vast options it boasts of. In the recent few years, Computer Science and Information Technology have taken the industry by storm. Seeing the high remunerations, all candidates desire to enrol for computer science and related branches. But it does not happen always that getting a degree in computer science can land you a great job with fat package. If you are good in your subject and enjoy the subject very much then you can do great in any branch and not just computers. You should decide based on your interest areas. No every person is made to become an engineer. These days there are hundreds of career options in engineering; pick the one that you enjoy doing most. Find out what you enjoy most – electricity work, automobile work, computer programs, civil engineering, mechanical work or electronics. If you know you interest area then you can easily decide which branch can land you in a great job. Top B.Tech. colleges in Delhi NCR are offering many engineering programs. Try searching for the best engg College in Delhi to get enrolled for your future studies in engineering.